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IYCr2014 Symposium celebrating Barkla, Bragg and Shechtman

Start Date 17th Jul 2014
End Date 17th Jul 2014

A symposium is arranged to celebrate the award of an honorary degree to Professor Shechtman (Nobel prize 2011) as well as to celebrate the contributions of Charles Barkla and Lawrence Bragg as part of the International Year of Crystallography activities. Barkla, a Liverpool graduate and a staff of the University, played a key role in establishing X-ray Crystallography (Nobel prize 1917), while Lawrence Bragg established the fundamental basis of X-ray Crystallography (Nobel prize 1915) as well as the International Union of Crystallography.

This one day symposium features academics from around the world – Japan, USA, Israel, Brazil and the UK, and celebrates the International Year of Crystallography 2014 which aims to raise the profile of a little know science behind DNA, Computer memory and new drugs. 

Crystallography underpins many fields yet it rarely gains attention in its own right. Crystallographic experiments underpin the development of practically all new materials, from everyday ones like toothpaste, chocolate and computer memory, to advanced car and aerospace components and offers scientists a useful insight into the structure of protein - and from there, they can develop experiments which could help drug discoveries. Modern drug development and nano and biotechnology are all based on crystallographic results, allowing scientists to design powerful new materials and drugs. 

The symposium will recognise the work of Barkla and Bragg and mark the award of an honorary doctorate to Professor Danny Shechtman, who will talk about the discovery of icosahedral phase and the field of quasi-periodic crystals. It forms part of the University of Liverpool’s successful Science and Society lectures which aims to promote a series of interdisciplinary lectures exploring the beneficial relationship between science and society.

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Location Liverpool
United Kingdom
Contact Samar Hasnain
URL http://www.ifb2014.com/UKTI-Market-Event-SE-Asia-e48.html

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