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Structural Role of Crystallography in Pharmacological Sciences

Start Date 24th Sep 2014
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Description To celebrate IYCr2014, the Egyptian National Committee of Crystallography (ENCC) in Cooparation with the Egyptian Society of Crystallography and its Applications (ESCA) organize a Symposium on Structural Role of Crystallography in Pharmacological Sciences.


The process of curing a disease starts with identifying its target protein that is considered a building block in a wide range of pharmacological applications. With the three-dimensional structures of both the target protein and the appropriate medicinal compounds, extensive information can be combined to help developing better drugs. X-ray crystallography comprises the most important technique for determining the 3D-structures, and it plays a major role to identify the active conformation adopted by a protein excluding the inactive one(s). This symposium focuses on the powerful contribution of Crystallography in the field of Pharmacology, by shedding light on the basic concepts and approaches.


9:00-9:30 Registration

9:30–10:00 Opening Session

10:00–11:00 Prof. Dr Karimat El-Sayed, Quality Control in Pharmaceuticals Industry

11:00–12:00 Prof. Dr Adel Girgis, Chemical Synthesis of Medicinal Drugs

12:00–13:00 Break

13:00–14:00 Dr Gihan S. Kamel, Disease–related Proteins: CloserLook With Crystallography Eyes

14:00–15:00 Dr Nasser Saad, Methods and Advantages of Computer Aided Drug Design

15:00–16:00 Closing Session and Recommendations

Location Cairo
Contact Karimat El-Sayed

Category Symposia
Topics Biological macromolecules | Structural chemistry