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Symposium TT: Advanced Materials Exploration with Neutrons and X-Rays—The State-of-the-Art in the International Year of Crystallography. 2014 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibition

Start Date 30th Nov 2014
End Date 5th Dec 2014
Description Anno 2014 marks the United Nation's International Year of Crystallography, a discipline on which is based the analysis of materials by neutron and X-ray diffraction. Since discovery of the latter by Laue and the Bragg's, over a centenary ago, the method excels and still evolves with the up-come of most modern sources. Recently X-ray free-electron lasers became available, high-energy synchrotrons are being refurbished, neutron reactors built and spallation sources driven to new scales; while future facilities, as energy-recovery linacs have been technically designed. Hand-in-hand with achievements in detector development, instrumentation and computing power, these installations continuously drive into new possibilities for materials analysis. The present symposium shall expose those latest developments for the materials science applications, demonstrating both pioneering experiments and well established methods. Modern diffraction methods of synchrotron and neutron radiation, combined simultaneously with time resolved or imaging techniques allow a multi-dimensional insight into materials. Thus information from an ensemble of individual grains in a polycrystalline material, time resolved in situ investigations can be obtained from materials undergoing mechanical, chemical or electric load under working or extreme conditions. Last but not least, coherent-beam diffraction opens new aspects of data acquisition and analysis in both spectroscopic and space resolved domains.

Contributions are sought in the fields of metallurgy and materials forming; energy materials in realistic conditions; response of functional materials under parametric load; materials under extreme or exotic conditions. Particularly contributions using an innovative approach in their application or from the novel upcoming facilities with unprecedented possibilities are desired.
The methods shall cover time and lengths scales from sub-picoseconds to days and sub-angstrom to meters, respectively.



Topics will include:

In-Situ Processes  

  • Time resolved
  • Complex environments
  • Extreme conditions

Single Grain Resolved Studies  

  • Embedded grain characterization
  • Grain statistics
  • Orientation relationships
  • Subgrains

Strain Scanning  

  • Strains and residual stresses
  • Multiple length scales
  • Grain resolved strain


  • Three-dimensional reciprocal space mapping
  • Texture evolution
  • Local texture

Liquid, Amorphous, Nanocrystalline and Distorted Materials  

  • Pair distribution function
  • Diffuse scattering
  • Phase transformations
  • Local structure

Materials Imaging / Tomography  

  • Real time imaging
  • High resolution tomography
  • Combined diffraction tomography

Exotic and Novel Experimental Developments  

  • Coherent beam diffraction
  • Fourier reconstruction
  • X-ray photo-correlation spectroscopy
  • Ultrafast processes
  • The future arrived: X-ray free electron lasers
Location Boston, MA
United States
URL http://www.mrs.org/fall-2014-call-for-papers-tt/

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Topics Characterisation of materials | Free-electron laser | General | Materials | Neutron scattering | X-ray optics and imaging