Event Name

ICDD Clinics on practical X-ray fluorescence

Start Date 27th Apr 2015
End Date 1st May 2015


  • Fundamentals of X-ray Physics
  • WDX and EDX X-ray spectrometry instrumentation
  • Qualitative and semi-quantitative analysis
  • Introduction to quantitative analysis
  • Types and sources of error
  • Precision and accuracy
  • Calibration strategy
  • Drift, line and interelement correction application
  • Fundamental parameters
  • Maintaining instrument integrity
  • Specimen preparation
  • Submit YOUR SAMPLES for analysis by the experts. Selected results will be the basis for class discussion. Results not presented during class can be discussed in private with the faculty throughout the clinic.


  • XRF instrumentation, components, scope, and comparison using live and disabled WDX and EDX instrumentation.
  • Selection of parameters for operation
  • Demonstration of personal computer exercises in qualitative and semi-quantitative WDX and EDX analysis
  • Demonstration of personal computer exercises employing polynomial regression, line overlap, empirical and fundamental parameter corrections during calibration
  • Specimen preparation lecture and demonstration of the use of mixers, grinders, presses, fusion apparatus, etcetera
  • Discussion of problems encountered by participants
Location Newtown Square, PA
United States
URL http://www.icdd.com/education/xrf.htm

Category Training courses
Topics Data analysis | General | X-ray fluorescence | X-ray spectroscopy