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Institut Pasteur Course on Integrative Structural Biology

Start Date 17th Jul 2017
End Date 22nd Jul 2017

Problems in structural biology today can very often not be solved by one technique alone, but need to be solved by a combination of methods, including NMR, X-ray crystallography, electron microscopy, structural mass spectrometry, and SAXS. The heterogeneous data coming from these methods need to be combined with advanced molecular modeling techniques. The goal of the course is to provide young scientists that have more specialized knowledge in one of the techniques an overview over the broad range of modern structural methods available. Special emphasis will be given to computational approaches to integrate data (such as IMP, ARIA).

The course is principally aimed at the mature graduate student / postdoctoral level, but applications from scientists at all levels are encouraged. The course will consist of lectures, which will give introductions into the principles and limitations of the different techniques, and practical work on data analysis with the major structure refinement / modeling programs.

The course fee of € 250 (students) covers lodging and part of the meals.

Participants will be limited to 25. Registration deadline is April 13

Location Paris
URL https://www.pasteur.fr/en/integrative-structural-biology

Category Training courses
Topics Biological macromolecules