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Session I - Fundamentals of X-ray Powder Diffraction. ICDD X-ray Diffraction Clinic

Start Date 5th Jun 2017
End Date 9th Jun 2017

Session I - Fundamentals of X-ray Powder Diffraction

  • Production and properties of X-rays: continuous and characteristic radiation, absorption, scatter and diffraction
  • Production of monochromatic X-radiation: choice of source conditions, use of beta-filters, proportional detectors and pulse height selection, monochromators, use of the Si(Li) and Ge(Li) detectors
  • Components of the diffraction pattern: expected reflections, Miller indices, unexpected reflections, effect of scatter and fluorescence, factors affecting peak positions and intensities
  • The powder diffractometer: optical arrangement, factors affecting instrumental profile widths; choice and function of divergence slits, calibration and alignment, detectors, X-ray optics
  • Acquisition of good diffraction data: specimen requirements, preparation techniques, use of standards, and proper operation of powder diffractometers
  • Qualitative phase identification: the Powder Diffraction File™, quality of reference patterns, the Alphabetical, Hanawalt, and Fink Indexes, automated methods, and specialized subfiles
  • Industrial applications of X-ray powder diffraction
  • Hands-on use of computers for demonstration of the latest software
  • Data mining with the PDF
Location Newtown Square, PA
URL http://www.icdd.com/education/xrd.htm

Category Training courses
Topics Powder diffraction