Event Name

16th International Workshop on Physical Characterization of Pharmaceutical Solids

Start Date 16th Jun 2014
End Date 19th Jun 2014
The IWPCPS©-16 session topics are:
  • Various Ways of Structural Characterization as a Tool for Drug Development
  • Elucidating Interface and Surface Properties of Materials, Crystal Growth and Phase Diagrams and Their Association to API Solubilization Performance
  • Inhalation Of Powders From A Solid State Point Of View
  • Integration of Computational Materials Science Approaches in Solid Form Design and Selection
  • Pharmaceutical Patents
  • Microscopy, Microanalysis and Chemical Imaging
  • Established And Emerging Technologies For High Energy Formulations
  • And Others
Location Prague
Czech Republic
URL http://www.assainternational.com/workshops/iwpcps-16/

Category Workshops
Topics Applied crystallography | Characterisation of materials