Event Name

3D Electron Crystallography for Macromolecular Compounds

Start Date 18th Sep 2017
End Date 22nd Sep 2017
Description This workshop addresses crystallographers in the field of structural biology
who want to expand their field of possibilities to electron crystallography.
The list of speakers encompasses experts in sample preparation, electron
microscopy hardware, electron detectors, and methods from data processing via
structure solution to model building. They will present recent results from
the field of electron crystallography.
Participants will have the possibility of vivid discussions and get answers
for their open questions in a very young field.

Tutorials include data processing with DIALS and XDS, as well as Molecular
Replacement and Refinement at the characteristics of electron diffraction
Location Paul Scherrer Institute
Contact Prof. Dr. Jan-Pieter Abrahams
URL https://indico.psi.ch/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=5525

Category Workshops
Topics Biological macromolecules | Data analysis | Electron crystallography