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50 Years of Neutron Backscattering Spectroscopy

Start Date 2nd Sep 2016
End Date 3rd Sep 2016

In 1966 Heinz Maier-Leibnitz proposed the idea of neutron backscattering  for achieving high energy resolution in neutron spectroscopy. This concept was successfully implemented and continuously developed at many neutron sources worldwide.

On the occasion of its 50th Anniversary a workshop will be held at the research campus of Garching near Munich on 2nd and 3rd September 2016. We are very pleased to welcome Anton Heidemann and Manfred Birr, the authors of the very first paper on neutron backscattering spectroscopy (along with Bert Alefeld), on the occasion of this event.

This workshop is jointly organized by the ILL, ISIS and the MLZ.

The organizers would like to cordially invite you to attend this workshop which will present both a historical overview and perspectives for neutron backscattering spectroscopy in the future.

For more specific information please visit our conference web-site www.mlz-garching.de/50-years-of-backscattering.

Registration and abstract submission are open now.


Prof. Dr. Winfried Petry, MLZ

Prof. Dr. Thomas Brückel, MLZ

Dr. Bernhard Frick, ILL

Dr. Victoria Garcia-Sakai, ISIS

For administrative matters please contact: Elisabeth Jörg-Müller, MLZ; phone: +49(0)89 289 14966

Location Garching, Munich
Contact Elisabeth Jörg-Müller
URL http://www.mlz-garching.de/50-years-of-backscattering

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Topics Neutron scattering