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Combined Analysis using X-ray and Neutron Scattering. 5th Edition of MAUD Workshop

Start Date 30th Jun 2014
End Date 4th Jul 2014

5 days training on the aspect of Combined Analysis by X-ray and Neutron Scattering and introduction to the MAUD software

The objectives of this workshop is to provide students and researchers (academic or not) the required knowledge to characterize structure, microstructure, phase, texture, stress and reflectivity by “Combined Analysis using X-ray and neutron scattering techniques“. This will be treated from several case samples including: thin films and bulk materials, anisotropic and/or polyphased materials, nanomaterials, diverse experimental arrangements including multi-detectors, etc.

Each type of analysis will be considered individually and then integrated into the combined analysis software MAUD. Some specific examples will be studied using X-ray and neutron experimental data. Full afternoons are dedicated to training. 

To support the theory and add a practical dimension to this workshop, technical aspects will be demonstrated on CRISMAT laboratory and INEL X-ray instruments.  

This workshop is the best opportunity to come and meet people from various fields and exchange on technical interests and experiences.

Location Caen
Contact M. Gaspari
URL http://www.ecole.ensicaen.fr/~chateign/formation/MAUD%20Training%202014.pdf

Category Training courses | Workshops
Topics Electron crystallography | Neutron scattering