Event Name

6th Joint Workshop on High Pressure, Planetary and Plasma Physics (HP4)

Start Date 4th Oct 2017
End Date 6th Oct 2017
  • The generation and diagnostics of extreme states of matter as appearing in the interior of planets, brown dwarfs and stars is one of the key scientific challenges in a number of scientific fields. These include:
  • Generation of such conditions at FLASH and the future free electron laser facility (European XFEL).
  • Generation of higher pressures in static experiments both in the laboratory and at synchrotron facilities (PETRA III).
  • Development of new diagnostic tools.
  • Predictions of high pressure and temperature properties of materials from ab initio methods.
  • Application of such results to the study of interior of planetary and astrophysical bodies.
Location Göttingen
Contact Matthias Kreuzeder
URL https://indico.desy.de/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=16402

Category Workshops
Topics Free-electron laser | High pressure | Synchrotron radiation