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Advances in Static and Dynamic High-Pressure Crystallography

Start Date 8th Sep 2013
End Date 11th Sep 2013
The primary focus of the meeting will be recent scientific advances in powder and single crystal diffraction at static and dynamic high pressures. Presentations will cover a variety of subjects in and related to high-pressure crystallography, including crystal structures, phase transitions and their kinetics, new materials synthesis, Earth and planetary science, soft and biological matter, physical and chemical properties, theory and computation, as well as technique developments for high-pressure studies at synchrotron, neutron and laboratory-based facilities.
This workshop is a continuation of The International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) Commission on High Pressure workshop series first established in 1996 followed by workshops at the ESRF (1997), APS (‘98), SPring-8 (‘00), in Orsay (‘01), Berkeley (‘03), Saskatoon (‘04), Dubna (‘06), Oxford (‘07), Harbin (‘09), Gatlinburg (‘10) and most recently in Mito (2012). This year the workshop will be held at DESY in Hamburg which looks back at a long history of high-pressure research at DORIS (shutdown in 2012) as part of HASYLAB.
In 2010, a new Extreme Conditions Beamline (ECB), optimized for high-pressure research in the Diamond Anvil Cell, opened at – PETRA III - the latest 3rd generation source with the currently smallest emittance in the world. In the future, DESY will extend its capabilities in the field of high-pressure research by adding a new Large Volume Press beamline at the extension of PETRA III and by contributing to the High Energy Density Instrument at the European XFEL which is being built in Hamburg. This year, the workshop will be organized jointly by the IUCr Commission on High Pressure and DESY.
Location Hamburg
URL https://indico.desy.de/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=7443

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Topics High pressure | Powder diffraction