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DAWN: Automating and Simplifying Reduction of 2D powder diffraction data with DAWN. ECM29 satellite

Start Date 23rd Aug 2015
End Date 23rd Aug 2015

ECM29 satellite meeting organised by Diamond Light Source & Croatian Association of Crystallographers

Accurate calibration and reduction of two dimensional powder X-ray diffraction patterns is crucial to obtain high-quality data for subsequent analysis. The DAWN data analysis platform (www.dawnsci.org) has recently added two new tools to address these issues, which allow simple, rapid and accurate processing of large amounts of data. In this workshop, participants will first learn about the theoretical treatment of the raw data and then see how this is applied through tutorials using the new powder calibration tool within DAWN. They will then gain hands-on experience preparing and using data analysis pipelines to streamline data reduction of large and/or complicated data sets. We will demonstrate the use of these tools in the context of different and demanding experiment types, from in situ crystallisation through to extreme-conditions. As this workshop will provide a very hands-on introduction to the DAWN data analysis package, we recommend that participants bring their own laptops. DAWN can be freely downloaded in advance of the workshop from our website, but we will also be distributing the most up-to-date version of the software on the day. We welcome participants bringing their own data so that they can see how the DAWN package can be applied to their own work, but we would ask that they contact the organisers in advance.

Location Rovinj
Contact Michael Wharmby or Aleksandar ViĆĄnjevac
michael.wharmby@diamond.ac.uk or aleksandar.visnjevac@irb.hr
URL www.dawnsci.org

Category Workshops
Topics Computing | Data analysis | General