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BioSAXS Essentials 7: Getting Started in Biological Small-Angle X-ray Solution Scattering

Start Date 16th May 2017
End Date 18th May 2017

MacCHESS is offering its seventh intensive HOWTO course in BioSAXS. Students will have a day and a half of lectures and hands-on software tutorials on the basics of BioSAXS data collection and processing from expert practitioners in the field. This will be followed by real data collection on MacCHESS beamlines (F1 and G1 stations).

While the primary purpose of the course is educational, students may bring a limited number of their own research samples. Prepared standard protein samples will be available to all students for practice.

Remote students are welcome, and will receive digital copies of all lectures, tutorials, and sample data, and will have access to a live stream of the course lectures on the first day. Due to the hands-on nature of the sessions, remote students will not have access to instructors during the software tutorial (though they will receive the tutorial documents). They also will not have data collection time during the course.

Course topics:

  • Basic principles and processing methods
  • Critical sample preparation and data collection procedures
  • Evaluating data quality
  • Computing envelopes and data modeling
  • Online size-exclusion chromatography (SEC-SAXS)
  • Overview of advanced and emerging methods
  • What you need to know for publication
  • Hands-on tutorial with data processing software

Students will be assigned into small groups for 6 hour data collection slots starting Wednesday afternoon and running through Friday morning. If you are coming as a group or if you need a particular time slot (due to early departing flight), please notify Richard Gillilan (reg8@cornell.edu) for scheduling. Lectures and tutorials are finished by 11:30am on Wednesday. There are no other officially scheduled activities besides your data collection slot, so you may wish to make your travel arrangements once you know when your slot will be.

SEC-SAXS will be available to students during the workshop. However, due to the time intensive nature of the technique, not everyone will be able to use it. The use of the SEC-SAXS setup will be prioritized for students/groups with appropriate samples. If you think your sample may benefit from SEC-SAXS, please notify Richard Gillilan (reg8@cornell.edu) for scheduling.

Location Ithaca, NY
United States
Contact Richard Gillilan
URL http://meetings.chess.cornell.edu/BioSAXSEssentials/07/index.html

Category Workshops
Topics Biological macromolecules | Small-angle scattering