Event Name

Bridging Solution Methods: From NMR to X-ray Scattering and Biophysics (iNEXT course)

Start Date 18th Sep 2017
End Date 22nd Sep 2017
Description Α 4-day course, organized by UPAT (i-NEXT Partner #22, at the UPAT's Department of Pharmacy (at the town of Rion , ~6 km distance form the town of Patras aims to introduce young researchers (mainly PhDs & early-stage Post-Docs) in the solution structural determination of biomacromolecules through an array of tools, such as NMR, SAXS, DLS etc. The course has scheduled lectures in the morning sessions and practicals during the afternoon sessions, while the young researchers will have the chance to provide a short overview of their research activities through flash presentations (5min).
Location Patras
Contact George Spyroulias
URL http://www.inext-eu.org/

Category Workshops
Topics Biological macromolecules | Electron crystallography | NMR crystallography