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Computational Approaches to the Structural Modelling of Biological Macromolecules using Small Angle Scattering

Start Date 22nd Jul 2016
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A workshop (WK.02) at the ACA meeting

This one-day workshop will focus on computational approaches to structural modelling and analysis. In the first session, a brief reprise of fundamental concepts will be provided, with a focus on pitfalls in data acquisition and reduction that can affect subsequent data analysis and modelling. The remainder of the day will be allocated to the hand-on application of the leading software packages to the analysis of solution scatter. This workshop will feature direct participation from the creators of the most prevalent software packages currently used (including BioSAXS(EMBL), SIBYLS, CCP-SAS, FoXs and IMP). The participating groups will present their software, including the basis for the algorithms employed, and further deliver guided hands-on tutorials for workshop participants. This approach will introduce and train participants on the appropriate application of these tools, including experimental design, model preparation, comparison of structural models using both SAS and complementary information, validation, and most importantly the limitations of interpretation with regards to the biological conclusions that can be made.

The workshop format will include lectures, and a selection of hands-on practical exercises. Students will be expected to bring laptops with appropriate pre-installed software as necessary. Prior to the workshop, a website will be made available containing installation instructions and
software for each tutorial.

Location Denver, CO
United States
Contact Kushol Gupta
URL http://www.amercrystalassn.org/wk.02-saxs

Category Workshops
Topics Biological macromolecules | Computing | Small-angle scattering