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D3: Defects, Distortions, and Dynamics in complex materials

Start Date 27th Jun 2016
End Date 28th Jun 2016
Description This workshop will explore opportunities for exploiting and expanding the High Dynamic Range Diffraction (HDRD) capabilities at CHESS. Our rapid, high signal / low background reciprocal space mapping techniques for single crystals and thin films have been applied in the study of charge density wave order in unconventional superconductors, phonons in thermoelectrics and complex oxides, subtle symmetry lowering in epitaxial films, and the dynamics of functional proteins. This workshop will bring together existing and prospective researchers who benefit from HDRD techniques at CHESS, to share results and identify strategic opportunities for future development in terms of detectors, software, beam properties, and high impact experiments.
Location Ithaca, NY
United States
Contact Jacob Ruff
URL http://meetings.chess.cornell.edu/sciworkshops2016/Workshop5.html

Category Workshops
Topics Characterisation of materials