Event Name

DIALS workshop - Diffraction Integration for Advanced Light Sources

Start Date 23rd Aug 2015
End Date 23rd Aug 2015

ECM29 Satellite meeting organised by Diamond Light Source & Croatian Association of Crystallographers

DIALS (Diffraction Integration for Advanced Light Sources) is a new integration package being developed as a collaboration between Diamond Light Source, CCP4 and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, with significant input from the MRC-LMB and funding from Biostruct-X workpackage 6. The aim of this workshop is to introduce new users to the package, with a view to using the software for X-ray diffraction data processing from macromolecular samples. Since the software is completely free and open source the workshop attendees will have the opportunity to bring their own laptop computers to have the software installed, and will need to do so to run the tutorials.


Location Rovinj
Contact Graeme Winter or Aleksandar ViĆĄnjevac
graeme.winter@diamond.ac.uk or aleksandar.visnjevac@irb.hr
URL http://dials.sourceforge.net

Category Regional crystallographic association meetings | Workshops
Topics Biological macromolecules | Computing | General