Event Name

DLS-CCP4 Data Collection and Structure Solution Workshop

Start Date 1st Dec 2015
End Date 9th Dec 2015

Second joint Diamond-CCP4 MX workshop for graduate students, postdocs and early career scientists.

All aspects of structure solution will be covered during the workshop, from data collection through to phasing, refinement and validation.

  • Lectures and tutorials will be delivered by experts in the field
  • Two days of data collection time will be provided at Diamond's excellent MX beamlines
  • You will be able to work alongside world-leading scientists and methods developers on your own projects
  • All costs apart from travel will be covered
Location Harwell
United Kingdom
URL http://www.ccp4.ac.uk/schools/DLS-2015/

Category Workshops
Topics Biological macromolecules | Computing | Data analysis | Radiation damage | Synchrotron radiation