Event Name

Dynamic Structural Photocrystallography in Chemistry and Materials Science

Start Date 16th Jun 2013
End Date 20th Jun 2013
The workshop will cover the study of light-induced processes in crystalline solids on timescales of hours to femtoseconds.


  • Chemical reactions, linkage isomers, and photoinduced molecular excited states
  • Experimental techniques used for in-house experiments at high intensity sources, at synchrotron beamlines, and at Free-Electron Laser sources
  • New computational techniques for processing time-resolved data
  • Interpretation of the results

The program will consist of lectures, software exercises, a poster session, and demonstrations. The workshop will open with a welcoming reception on the evening of Sunday, June 16th and close in the morning of June 20th.

Class size is limited to 45 participants. Registration deadline is April 1st or until the workshop is filled.

Organizing Committee

  • Philip Coppens, general organization
  • Elzbieta Trzop and Bertrand Fournier, software exercises
  • Lisa Zimmerman, organization and facilities

International Advisory Committee

  • Eric Collet, Professor, University of Rennes, France
  • Masaki Takata, Professor, University of Tokyo, Japan
Location Buffalo, NY
United States
URL http://www.amercrystalassn.org/photocrystallographyworkshop

Category IUCr sponsored meetings | Workshops
Topics Chemical crystallography | Computing | Materials | Solid-state chemistry