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EMBO Workshop. Advances in protein–protein interaction analysis and modulation

Start Date 9th Sep 2014
End Date 12th Sep 2014

Protein-Protein interactions (PPIs) play central role in the regulation of biological processes. After more than a decade spent struggling to discover what features of a protein are ‘druggable’, the modulation of protein–protein interactions (PPIs) has emerged from both academic and corporate research as a promising therapeutic strategy to treat human disease. As such, PPI modulators (PPIMs) are the next generation of highly innovative drugs that will reach the market in the next decade. The challenge now is to develop techniques, chemistry and knowhow required to rationally identify new targets and design potential PPI modifying compounds. This is very different from generating small molecules that target the catalytic sites of enzymes and will require different approaches in terms of chemistry, screening assays, in silico modeling and cellular techniques, not to mention the need of basic understanding of PPI biophysics. The EMBO Workshop aims to bring together experts from various fields who work on understanding and modulating PPIs and also to create a competitive European network.


  • PPI: New Targets / In Cells
  • PPI: Technological Advances / Methods
  • PPI analysis: Docking/Energetics/Prediction
  • PPI modulation: Successful Examples
  • PPI modulation: Chemical Biology / Chemoinformatics
Location Hyères
Contact Francoise Ochsenbein
URL http://events.embo.org/14-ppi/

Category Workshops
Topics Biological macromolecules | Computing