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Emerging Opportunities in High Energy X-ray Science: The Diffraction Limited Storage Ring Frontier

Start Date 13th Jul 2015
End Date 14th Jul 2015

The brightness and energy of X-ray beams are critical properties for research. Higher brightness means more X-rays can be focused onto a smaller, laser-like spot, allowing researchers to gather more data in greater detail in less time. Higher energies enable X-rays to penetrate deeper inside materials, and through a variety of in situ environments, to reveal crucial information about a material’s structure and function. The combination of high brightness and high energy allows the observation—in real time—of technologically important processes.  Scientists in the light source community have been developing storage ring designs (multi-bend achromat, MBA, lattices) that push closer to the ultimate diffraction limit for X-ray sources. This emerging technology will provide orders-of-magnitude improvement in brightness and coherent flux, enabling transformational advances in imaging, in studies of dynamics, and in nanometer-resolution probes utilizing the full array of powerful X–ray contrast modes, from diffraction to spectroscopy.

This workshop is being held to explore the opportunities in high-energy (>20 keV) X-ray science that will be enabled when MBA technology is implemented.  Specifically, this workshop seeks to accomplish the following goals:

  • Define the potential high-energy X-ray characteristics of an MBA low-emittance lattice.
  • Provide a forum for discussion of new science opportunities offered for high-energy X-ray science by an MBA lattice.
  • Address how the current suite of high-energy beamlines can be adapted to maximize the science opportunities, and what new capabilities are needed.
  • Explore the technical advances in optics, detectors, and undulators that are required for high-energy X-ray science.

Confirmed Speakers

Simon Bare, UOP (Honeywell)
Yan Gao, General Electric
Sossina Haile, Northwestern University/California Institute of Technology
Joe Hupp, Northwestern University
Jennifer Jackson, California Institute of Technology
Hyunjung Kim, Sogang University, Korea
Antonio Lanzirotti, GSECARS, University of Chicago
Robert Leheny, Johns Hopkins University
Wenbin Lin, University of Chicago
Wendy Mao, Stanford University
Conal Murray, IBM
Henning Poulsen, Technical University of Denmark
Tony Rollett, Carnegie Mellon
Uta Ruett, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron, Germany
Darrell Schlom, Cornell University
Oleg Shpyrko, University of California at San Diego
Matt Tirrell, University of Chicago
Peter Voorhees, Northwestern University
Mike Wasielewski, Northwestern University
Gayle Woloschak, Northwestern University

Location Lemont, IL
United States
URL http://aps.anl.gov/News/Conferences/2015/ANL-SRI-2015/index.html

Category Workshops
Topics General | Synchrotron radiation | X-ray optics and imaging