Event Name

First workhop on Sustainable Energies and Neutron Scattering (SENS2016).

Start Date 30th May 2016
End Date 1st Jun 2016

The SENS-2016 conference aims at highlighting topical scientific activities in the investigation of energy relevant systems using neutron scattering and to generate new applications. What could neutron bring to sustainable energy? What is the place of neutron scattering in the context of complementary techniques? What are the nowadays and future issues in the area of energy? The conference will address such questions and will give the opportunity for reinforcing the bridges existing between the neutron experts and the energy communities. Neutron users will benefit from an ideal showcase for their research and newcomers will get a good overview over the scientific potential via contact with experts in the neutron field.

The main topics discussed will be:

  • Fuel cell and electrolysers
  • Gas storage
  • Bioenergy
  • Solar energy
  • Batteries
  • Energy-related materials (magneto-caloric, thermoelectric, etc…)
Location Bordeaux
URL http://sens2016.sciencesconf.org/

Category Conferences | Workshops
Topics Neutron scattering | Solid-state chemistry