Event Name

RheoSAS2016: In situ rheology for neutron and X-ray scattering techniques

Start Date 19th Sep 2016
End Date 21st Sep 2016
Description The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers working in different areas covering topics from rheology of complex systems, structure of liquids at solid-liquid interfaces, structure and dynamics of confined fluids and polymers. Particular interest will be devoted to research on transient structural reorientation of complex fluids in conjunction with the transient rheological material functions. Examples are time resolved small- and large-amplitude oscillatory rheology (SAOS and LAOS, respectively), start-up of flow, flow reversal, stress relaxation following steady shear, jump strain.
Location Grenoble
Contact Yuri Gerelli
URL https://indico.ill.fr/indico/event/28/

Category Workshops
Topics Materials | Neutron scattering