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IWAIP-CryoEM 2017: 3rd International Workshop of Advanced Image Processing of Cryo-Electron Microscopy

Start Date 6th Aug 2017
End Date 10th Aug 2017

 A workshop of the Chinese 3DEM community

To meet the current and future needs of CryoEM technology, during this workshop, the following topics will be focused on:

        1. Novel algorithms to analyze molecular machineries with continuous conformational change.
        2. Image processing tools to analyze the structure of molecular machineries in situ.
        3. Tools and methods to aid accurate modeling based on CryoEM maps.
        4. EMDB/EMPIAR usage and deposition.

        The following speakers and teachers are invited to talk about the above topics:

        1. Abbas Ourmazd (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA)
        2. Slavica Jonic (IMPMC, Sorbonne University, France)
        3. Florian Schur (EMBL, Germany)
        4. Sai Li (University of Oxford, UK)
        5. Brendon Frenz (University of Washington, USA)
        6. Ardan Patwardhan (EMBL-EBI, UK)

        The workshop will last four days with intensive programs including courses in the morning, practices in the afternoon and free discussions in the evening. The approximate number of attendees for the courses will be 100 and the number for the practice session is restricted to 25. To be noted that there will be a video session for those who are not selected for practice session to watch the practice via a web-video and do practice using their own laptop.

        Graduate students, postdocs and young scientists who currently work in the CryoEM field with preliminary CryoEM image processing knowledge are particularly encouraged to attend this workshop.

Location Beijing
Contact Fei Sun (IBP, CAS)
URL http://cbi.ibp.ac.cn/workshop/workshop2017/IWAIP2017/

Category Workshops
Topics Cryo electron microscopy