Event Name

MagIC2017 – Magnetism, Interactions and Complexity

Start Date 2nd Jul 2017
End Date 7th Jul 2017

This is a satellite workshop to the the European conference PHYSICS OF MAGNETISM 2017 (PM’17) which will be held on June 26-30 in Poznan, Poland.

Topics for the workshop include both fundamental and applied aspects of magnonics, interaction between spin waves and other types of waves with emphasis on the structural complexity.

  • magnetization dynamics,
  • magnonics, magnon-spintronics,
  • spin-wave excitation and amplification,
  • materials for magnonics,
  • theory of spin waves and computational methods,
  • measurements methods in magnonics,
  • spin and acoustic wave interactions,
  • spin and electromagnetic wave interactions,
  • excitations in magnetic 'textures' such as Skyrmion lattices,
  • spin-wave logic,
  • artificial crystals for spin-waves and magnonic applications: magnonic crystals, quasicrystals, fractal structures,
  • other related spin wave phenomena.
Location Trzebaw
URL http://magic2017.amu.edu.pl/

Category Workshops
Topics Magnetism | Materials