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Materials Design and Processing from Nano to Mesoscale. CHESS-U workshop

Start Date 13th Jun 2016
End Date 14th Jun 2016
Description In nature, many materials form and manifest exceptional properties through assemblies of either organic or inorganic building blocks or both at all length scales. Through mimicking the nature-enabled materials growth, we are able to discover, design and fabricate novel materials by control and assembly of nanocrystals into periodic ordered supercrystals through fine tuning of particle size, shape, composition and modification of surface molecular decoration in lab. With CHESS as a 3rd generation source, our invited speakers and participants should consider CHESS strengths (e.g. faster detector, friendly collaborative environments, etc) together with your expertise and scientific vision, to help identify important science applications and major developments of unique technique which falls into one category of materials design and processing from nano to mesoscale.
Location Ithaca, NY
United States
Contact Detlef Smilgies
URL http://meetings.chess.cornell.edu/sciworkshops2016/Workshop3.html

Category Workshops
Topics Materials | Structural chemistry