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Measurement and Interpretation of Diffuse Scattering in X-Ray Diffraction for Macromolecular Crystallography: Workshop 4 of the NSLS-II and CFN User's meeting

Start Date 15th May 2017
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X-ray diffraction from macromolecular crystals includes both sharply peaked Bragg reflections and diffuse intensity between the peaks.  The information in Bragg scattering reflects the mean electron density in the unit cells of the crystal.  The diffuse scattering arises from correlations in the variations of electron density that may occur from one unit cell to another, and therefore contains information about collective motions in proteins.  A major focus of the workshop will be to provide a roadmap to the acquisition of reliable data by surveying measurement methods and discussing the increase in measurement accuracy enabled by improved detectors, experimental methods, and data integration.  Missing from recent results is real information about the behavior of the molecules being studied that would guide the thinking of biochemists and biologists.  To discuss these and their relative merits will be a second major focus of the workshop.  The charge to this workshop will be to provide a roadmap to efforts that will provide the biological understanding we believe is hidden in the data.

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Location Upton, NY
United States
Contact Robert Sweet
URL http://usersmeeting.ps.bnl.gov/workshops/workshop.aspx?year=2017&id=136

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Topics Biological macromolecules