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Neutron Scattering in Magnetic Fields Above 15 Tesla

Start Date 29th Oct 2014
End Date 30th Oct 2014

The scope of the workshop is to bring together experts doing research in high magnetic fields above 15 T with the focus on neutron scattering. We want to provide an information platform for researchers regarding the future use of the high‐field facility capable of generating magnetic fields as high as 25+ T at HZB. Identification of possible future experiments using this facility is one of the main workshop topics. The workshop covers neutron diffraction, SANS and inelastic scattering in high magnetic fields and other extreme sample environments, and the science topics range from applied to fundamental problems in high magnetic fields including superconductivity, quantum magnetism, functional materials etc.

Location Lise-Meitner Campus, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin
Contact Dr Karel Prokes
URL http://www.helmholtz-berlin.de/events/hfm-workshop/index_de.html

Category Workshops
Topics Magnetism | Neutron scattering