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New Trends in Magnetic Structure Determination

Start Date 12th Dec 2016
End Date 16th Dec 2016

New Trends in Magnetic Structure Determination 

Scientific scope:This workshop aims to contribute to the training of scientists in the treatment of neutron diffraction data for magnetic structure determination, putting the stress in the new improved methods and tools made available in the last years. In particular, the methods that make a combined use of magnetic symmetry groups and representational analysis will be shown and practiced (both for commensurate and incommensurate structures). The workshop will be based on selected lectures together with intensive hands-on sessions using the most popular computer programs (Isotropy Software Suite, Bilbao Crystallographic Server, FullProf Suite, Jana2006, etc.).

The lectures and tutorials will provide the essential tools necessary to determine complex magnetic structures, and show the most recent capabilities added to traditional software.


The Workshop consists of 5 days dedicated to acquire a general overview of the methods of magnetic structure determination and analysis, in the frame of the specific free software presently available. A preliminary program can be consulted in the link below:

For the practical sessions, participants should bring their own computers with FullProf Suite and Jana2006 already installed.

Lectures and tutorials will be presented by Juan Rodríguez-Carvajal (Grenoble, France), J. Manuel Pérez-Mato (Bilbao, Spain), Branton J. Campbell (Provo, USA), Laurent Chapon (Grenoble, France), Harold Stokes (Provo, USA), Vaclav Petricek (Prague, Czech Republic) and Luis Elcoro (Bilbao, Spain).


The school is aimed at PhD students and experienced scientists with a good knowledge of diffraction techniques and crystallography. As usual, among the participants there will be a mix of different levels of experience in using the different crystallographic tools (Isotropy Software Suite, Bilbao Crystallographic Server, FullProf Suite, Jana2006, etc.), therefore during this workshop both theoretical lectures and practical sessions will be combined to ensure an optimal benefit from this workshop. 

The maximum number of participants is limited, which guarantees the quality of the given training. The selection of candidates is based on the motivation letter and CV (plus a recommendation letter from the thesis supervisor for PhD students). If necessary, a criterion of balance between laboratories and countries will be applied. 
Location Grenoble
Contact Juan Rodríguez-Carvajal
URL https://indico.ill.fr/indico/event/53/

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Topics Magnetism | Neutron scattering