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QENS 2014/WINS 2014

Start Date 11th May 2014
End Date 16th May 2014

QENS 2014

QENS2014 aims to highlight topical scientific activities in the investigation of the dynamics of matter using quasi-elastic neutron scattering and to envision new applications. For neutron users it is the ideal showcase for their research. Newcomers will get a good overview over the scientific potential via contact with experts in the field. The conference program will take account of the increasing need for computer simulation and for theory support in data interpretation and will place QENS in the context of complementary techniques. 

QENS science covers a wide area, from fundamental questions to relevant societal challenges, ranging from life sciences or future energy sources. The focus is the need to unravel dynamic and relaxation behavior in addition the structure. The following keywords give an impression of themes covered at QENS2014:
  • Dynamics of confined matter in nanoporous materials relevant e.g. for catalysis, pharmacy, nuclear waste storage, metal-organic frameworks, hydrogen storage...
  • Dynamics of biological, bio-related systems, e.g. in relation to function
  •  Polymer dynamics in bulk, blends, gels, membranes, films, composites or as additives
  • Dynamics of water or other polar or amphiphilic liquids and their interaction
  • Dynamic phenomena during glass formation and of glasses
  • Dynamics of ionic and protonic conductors, electrolytes, e.g. for fuel cells or battery research
  • Dynamics of soft matter, liquids, liquid crystals, liquid mixtures, complex liquids, ionic liquids, micelles
  • Relaxational dynamics of magnetic systems
  • Theory and numerical simulations in relation to QENS
  • QENS instrumentation, sample environment and complementary techniques

WINS 2014

The aim of the workshop is to overview recent developments, forthcoming projects and practice of inelastic & quasi-elastic neutron spectrometers. Related issues such as development of data analysis software, auxiliary devices and outlook for future scientific efforts will be also of concern. We’ll put a particular focus on comparison of dynamics in single crystals investigated using TAS and T-o-F. 

The themes for presentations will include:
  • Neutron spectrometers: design and simulations, novel ideas
  • Devices and auxiliary equipment: polarization, magnetic field, pressure
  • Software for data acquisition, analysis and instrument simulation.
Location Autrans
URL http://www.ill.eu/news-events/events/qens-2014-wins-2014/

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Topics Neutron scattering