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Scanning PhotoEmission Microscopy Workshop (SPEM2014)

Start Date 20th Mar 2014
End Date 21st Mar 2014

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20th & 21st March 2014
Diamond Light Source, Oxfordshire, UK

SPEM2014 is the forum that brings together experts and interested scientists in the field of ScanningPhotoElectron Microscopy, both for core-level and valence band studies of solids, to discuss the present status and directions of the techniques.

The scope of the workshop is to enable the world-wide community of designers and operators of SPEM instruments to meet and to disseminate the capabilities to a broad audience of the academic and industrial communities and highlight the most recent achievements in research and instrumental development.

The workshop is the 2nd edition of the SPEM series. The first was held on 13th & 14th December 2010 in Trieste, Italy http://www.elettra.trieste.it/spem2010.
Location Diamond Light Source, Oxfordshire, UK
United Kingdom
URL http://www.diamond.ac.uk/Home/Events/SPEM2014.html

Category Workshops
Topics Microscopy