Event Name

SPHIRE workshop

Start Date 8th May 2017
End Date 10th May 2017
Description This workshop will provide intensive hands-on-training in all practical aspects of single particle cryo-EM image processing using SPHIRE.
All stages of the SPHIRE pipeline will be covered, including:
  • Micrograph movie alignment
  • CTF estimation
  • 2D classification
  • 3D starting model generation
  • High-resolution 3D refinement
  • 3D focused classification and heterogeneity analysis
In addition to the practical sessions, lectures will be given by SPHIRE developers (incl. Pawel Penczek, Christos Gatsogiannis, Toshio Moriya and Stefan Raunser) focusing on crucial steps of the processing, possible pitfalls, as well as the theoretical background behind SPHIRE.
The course is aimed at graduate students, faculty, and staff, that currently work in or plan to enter the 3DEM field and wish to use SPHIRE to process cryo-EM single particle data at their home laboratories for their own research projects.
The registration fee is 150 Euro and includes all meals. Participants are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses. Enrollment is limited to 30 attendees, which will be selected from all applicants. Computing hardware will be provided in place.
Location Dortmund
Contact Stefan Raunser
URL http://sphire.mpg.de

Category Workshops
Topics Cryo electron microscopy