Event Name

Ultra-Small-Angle Scattering Workshop

Start Date 5th Jun 2014
End Date 6th Jun 2014
Description The USAS-2014 Workshop will be held at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (on-site) on June 5 (afternoon session) and June 6 (full-day session). The workshop will be organized as a satellite meeting to the ACNS 2014 Conference.

USAS-2014 will mainly be focused toward user community updates and developments; therefore, the workshop program will highlight the latest interesting USANS/SANS and USAXS structural studies of condensed materials. The latest achievements in the USANS/USAXS instrumentation and sample environment techniques for USAS investigations will also be discussed. In addition, new interesting proposals for USANS/SANS studies and important scientific problems, which can be solved with contemporary USANS/SANS and USAXS techniques, will be discussed at a special session of USAS-2014.

United States
Contact Michael Agamalian
URL https://neutrons.ornl.gov/conf/usas2014/

Category Workshops
Topics Small-angle scattering