Event Name

Workshop on Mathematical Crystallography

Start Date 2nd Nov 2011
End Date 6th Nov 2011

MaThCryst Workshop on Mathematical Crystallography

Manila, 2-6 November 2011

Mathematical crystallography in the previous century dealt primarily with the theory of space groups. However, advances in materials science during the past decades have broadened the horizons of mathematical crystallography. Recent works delve into higher-dimensional crystallography, non-Euclidean spaces, and aperiodic structures, and involve a wide array of mathematical tools such as topology, discrete geometry, graph theory, and harmonic analysis. The goal of this workshop was to give a firm introduction on current topics in mathematical crystallography and its applications. In particular, the geometry of periodic and crystalline networks, color symmetry, coincident site lattices, twinning in crystals, mathematical diffraction theory, and crystal GAP shall be discussed. The workshop was intended for young scientists (graduate students and post-doctoral associates) and researchers in mathematics, materials science, structural chemistry, solid state and condensed matter physics. Exposure to research opportunities in mathematical crystallography, a heightened awareness of scientists in the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific region on the relevance of mathematical crystallography in their respective researches, and collaborations between researchers in mathematical crystallography and experimentalists were among the expected outcomes from this workshop.


National Institute of Physics Building, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.
Location Manila
URL http://www.crystallography.fr/mathcryst/manila2011.php

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Topics Mathematical and Theoretical Crystallography