Event Name

XAS Workshop 2014

Start Date 3rd Nov 2014
End Date 5th Nov 2014
Diamond Light Source will hold a 6th XAS analysis workshop in November 2014. The course will run from lunchtime on Monday 3rd November until mid-afternoon on Wednesday 5th November.
The aim of the workshop is to teach new and nearly new users of the Diamond spectroscopy beamlines:
  • how to do an XAS experiment including a brief introduction to the XAS stations at Diamond, 
  • how to process and analyse XAS data  from a "starting from scratch" level (this is the main part of the course).
The course will be delivered by Diamond staff and consists of a mixture of lectures and workshop sessions designed to teach participants the basics of data processing and analysis using the latest PC versions of Athena and Artemis in the package Demeter.
The workshop aspect requires access to a laptop and attendees are requested to bring their own laptops, although a number of Diamond computers are available for applicants who didn't have access to one. The programs are freely available in Windows and Linux form. It is possible to get them to run on a Mac but this requires some expertise.
Location Diamond Light Source, Oxfordshire
United Kingdom
URL http://www.diamond.ac.uk/Home/Events/2014/XAS-2014.html

Category Workshops
Topics X-ray spectroscopy