Book reviews


Forensic Science: Every Contact Leaves a Trace, in Industrial Applications of X-Ray Diffraction, Eds. F.H. Chung & D.K. Smith, Marcel Dekker Inc., New York/Basel, pp. 659-675. D.F. Rendle (2000).

Dynamical Theory of X-ray Diffraction by André Authier. This is the first comprehensive book on the dynamical diffraction of x-rays since the development of synchrotron radiation. Authier begins with an introduction to the subject, presenting early developments and the basic results, followed by a development of the diffraction and propagation properties of x-rays in perfect crystals and by an extension of the theory to the case of slightly and highly deformed crystals. The last section presents three applications of the theory: x-ray optics for synchrotron radiation, locations of atoms at surfaces, and x-ray diffraction topography. The book is well illustrated and contains a wide range of references to the literature.