Meeting report

Materials microstructure

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Main themes at the Third Size-Strain Conf. in Trento, Italy, (December, 2001) were methodologies for the study of lattice defects, residual stress and texture in thin films and surfaces, line profile fitting/modeling based on fundamental parameters, simulation of materials microstructure, defects related to diffraction profiles, phase analysis with amorphous fractions, highly defective nanocrystalline materials, and residual gradients and stress mapping in thin layers. Conference proceedings are collected in a booklet of extended abstracts (available on request). Abstracts are also displayed in electronic format in the IXAS website ( A book, containing full chapters of significant contributions is currently being edited (P. Scardi and E. Mittemeijer).

The Barrett Award, established for excellence in the powder diffraction field, was presented to David E. Cox, (Emeritus) Brookhaven Nat’l Lab by P. K. Predecki (U. of Denver). The Jenkins Award, newly established in 2001 to recognize a scientist for lifetime achievement in X-ray analysis of materials, was presented to Ron Jenkins, (Emeritus) ICDD by R.L. Snyder, Ohio State U. Dr. Jenkins also received the Distinguished Fellows award, presented be J. Messick (ICDD). C.R. Hubbard, Oakridge National Labs, presented the 2001 Hanawalt Award to Raymond P. Goehner and Joseph R. Michael, Sandia Nat’l Labs. This award is given in recognition of an important, recent contribution to the field of powder diffraction. The Hanawalt Award lecture, 'Phase identification using electron backscatter diffraction in the SEM: a powerful tool for materials science' was presented at the Plenary Session.

Paolo Scardi,