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[MSA logo]Mineralogical Society awards

[Wyllie] Peter J. Wyllie
The eighty-second annual awards luncheon of the Mineralogical Society of America (MSA) was held on November 6, 2001, during the 2001 Geological Society of America meeting in Boston, MA. Peter J. Wyllie, was awarded the Roebling Medal for lifetime scientific Achievement. The Distinguished Public Service Award was presented to Jeffrey E. Post for his work as lead curator of the Smithsonian’s new permanent exhibition 'Geology, Gems and Minerals'.

[Post] Jeffrey E. Post
Peter C. Burns received the MSA Award for outstanding early career research. He was promoted to Associate Professor of geology at the U.of Notre Dame in 1999, and became the Henry Masman Chair in Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences in 2000. He directs the Environmental Mineralogy and Crystal Structures research laboratory, and has research interests in low temperature mineralogy, especially the mineralogy of actinides.

[Burns] Peter C. Burns
The Mineralogical Society’s website continues to expand and develop thanks to Gordon Nord. In October there were 138,000 hits. The website includes new additions, funded in part by the NSF, including 'Mineralogy 4-Kids' developed by the K-12 Outreach Coordinator, N. McMillan and the Crystal Structure Database managed by B. Downs and P. Heese. The MSA Lecture Program, coordinated by Helen Land, has been expanded to include tours outside of North America. Next year three lecturers, B. Bodnar, R. Rudnick and C. McCammon, will visit 35 institutions. The membership has increased to just over 2100 members. Over half of the several hundred member increase is from student memberships. Pressing questions from the society include: How will we interact with other Societies in arranging meeting and related publications? Are there other societies in materials and environmental science communities that should be included?
Grants for Research in Crystallography from the Edward H. Kraus Crystallographic Research Fund were increased to $5000 starting in 2002.

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