Meeting report

Student views down under

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Comments from students who attended the 22nd meeting of the Society of Crystallographers in Australia and New Zealand (SCANZ) included the following:

Many of the contributions concerned fields of work new to me such as Hirshfeld surfaces and their use in examining intermolecular contacts, quasi-crystals and new aspects of structural biology. The use of powder diffraction to elucidate crystal structures and the loss of water from DNA crystals to give new structures caught my attention at the poster session on Sunday night. (S. Lorenzo, New South Wales)
Meeting highlights included: Fingerprinting Intermolecular Interaction in Molecular Crystals (J. McKinnon), and Practical Aspects of Structural

Genomics (J. Newman). The Conference Lecture 'Structural Genomics: A Foundation for Functional Genomics and for ‘Fold Phylogeny' given by S.-H. Kim opened my eyes to the immense possibilities and challenges facing science. The overall program was diverse and interesting, and considerable credit should go to the organizing committee for all of their hard work. (M. Spiniello, Melbourne)

As an inorganic/supramolecular chemistry PhD student who is learning to use crystallography to determine the structures of metal complexes, the conference was a real eye-opener. The most exciting aspect was hearing about the diversity of areas to which crystallography is applied, including biotechnology, supramolecular chemistry and materials science. (V. Russell, New South Wales)

Taken from SCANZ Newsletter