Letter to the Editor

Corrections to the record

To the Editor,

I was rather surpised to find an article written by me in the recent IUCr Newsletter, 10,1. After my initial satisfaction that my article was worth republishing in your journal, I found some annoying errors in the text. First of all there was no mention of the fact that this article, under the heading 'Thirty Five Years Ago', was originally published in a special issue of the newsletter of the Commission on Powder Difraction (No. 26, December 2001), mainly dedicated to the Rietveld method. Secondly you replaced the heading of this article by 'Reitveld on Reitveld'. In itself a felicitous phrase, if not for the fact that by now one should know that my name is written as RIETVELD instead of Reitveld. Finally at the end of the article you made an awkward mistake by writing 'Receiving the Gregori Aminoff Prize ...... gave me added luster' instead of 'Receiving the Gregori Aminoff Prize ...... gave an added luster'. Really I am not that arrogant!

Hugo Rietveld

Dear Hugo,

I apologize for the errors, especially for misspelling your name. I am notoriously bad at spelling and punctuation which should raise questions of how I came to be an editor of anything. Since the rest of the community will note the erroneous spelling of your name, I expect more letters of correction. The substitution of 'me' for 'an' was most unfortunate. Its clear that your luster preceded the Aminoff prize. We try to get attributions properly recorded, but as your letter demonstrates, we have been known to fail. Please accept my sincere apology.