Letter to the Editor

More corrections

Dear Editor

I just received my latest IUCr Newsletter (Vol 10, No. 1) yesterday and was horrified to see the misspelling of Rietveld (Reitveld twice) in the heading to Hugo Rietveld’s article on Page 26! My recollection was that this is a not uncommon error amongst authors but interrogation of the Web of Science database for citations to the classic J. Appl. Crystallogr. paper gives 3288 citations to Rietveld and a mere 30 to Reitveld.

I have also just noticed on line 3 of the article - 'urinates' - presumably ‘uranates’ or is someone ‘taking the p..s’??

Mike Henderson

Dear Mike,

As errors go, the misspelling of uranates may be the 'piece de résistance'.