[Bill Duax]
This is the last issue of the IUCr Newsletter of which I will be the Editor. I am very pleased to be able to leave this newsletter in the capable hands of Judith Flippen-Anderson.

I want to thank all who have submitted materials to the Newsletter during the ten years of its existence. Jane Griffin, who did her best to catch and correct my errors (I always outwitted her) and especially, Patti Coley and Tammy Colley in the Buffalo Editorial office, who will continue to work with the new editor on the future production of the Newsletter.

Thanks to all session chairs who have already sent reports on the XIX IUCr Congress and general Assembly in Geneva. This issue contains some of those reports and many others will appear in upcoming issues. Therefore, if you haven’t done it yet, there is still time to submit your report and see it in a future issue of the Newsletter,

Also in this issue is a copy of the four page Call for Papers for the 21st European Crystallographic Meeting in Durban, South Africa, August 24-29, 2003. In order to assist the Regional Affiliates of the IUCr (ACA, AsCA, and ECA) in promoting their annual meetings, the Newsletter will henceforth make its pages available for the publication of an abreviated Call for Papers.

Exerpts from the reports of session chairs at the spring meeting of the ACA in San Antonio are also included in this issue (pages 18-19). The complete set of reports appears in the Fall issue of the ACA Newsletter (www.hwi.buffalo.edu/ACA/).