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New !... Mexican mirror site of the IUCr WWW

A new Mexican mirror site (MxMS) of the IUCr WWW services was fully operational on August 2, a few days before the opening ceremony of the Int’l Congress and General Meeting in Geneva. Thanks to the efforts of David López, manager of the MxMS, Brian McMahon, the Research and Development Officer of the IUCr, José Luis Boldú, President of the Mexican Society of Crystallography (SMCr) and Secretary of the Mexican Committee for Crystallography, and Michael H. Dacombe, Executive Secretary of the IUCr, the Mexican Delegates in Geneva were able to announce the news about the existence of this site (www.mx.iucr.org) to the international community attending the event. This mirror site was created by taking advantage of the fact that the SMCr was recently able to up-date the computer facility currently used to support their site (www.smcr.fisica.unam.mx) on the web, and it was set up to serve especially the Latin American community of crystallographers who frequently find a slowness of transmission of information across the internet due to both the technical features of the local and international network and the excessive visitors flux at the primary electronic site. The MxMS is updated once every 24 hours from Chester at a time when network traffic is low and it supplies information on the Union, its Commissions and Regional Associates, its journals and other publications and on crystallography and crystallographers in general. It was developed under the auspices of the SMCr and the IUCr, and it is running by courtesy of the Inst. de Física of the U. Nacional Autónoma de México.

A. E. Cordero-Borboa, Inst. de Física, UNAM,