Awards and Prizes

2002 Oxford and Pauling prizes awarded

[Qui, Cooper] Oxford Prize winners
The Oxford Cryosystems Poster Prize at the annual ACA Meeting was awarded to Xiangyun QuiUnusual Charge Transfers between Inplane Orbitals in La0.92Sr2.08Mn2O7 and David CooperThe PDZ Domains of Syntenin.

[Prize winners] Pauling Prize awardees: (front row) Sonia Patenaude, Christina DeWitt, Samantha Perez-Miller, (back row) Francisco Hernandez-Guzman, Joshua Sakon, Kimberly Terry, and Jeff Wilson.
Pauling Prize winning posters: Brian Helfrich Design of Ternary Crystals; Francisco Hernandez-GuzmanCrystal Structure of Human Placental Estrone Sulfatase; Andre KovalevskyPhotocrystallography, IR and DFT Calculations of Solid-State Photo Induced Linkage Isomers of RUSO2 Complexes; Sonia I. PatenaudeStructure-Function Relationship of the ABO Blood Group Glycosyltransferases; and Samantha Perez-MillerMitochondrial Aldehyde Dehydrogenase: Understanding Nicotinamide Isomerization.