Meeting report

RapiData 2002

[Data collection at RapiData] Some of the chaos of data collection at RapiData 2002. Shown at beamline X9-B,operated by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine for the Sloan Kettering Memorial Inst. and Rockefeller U., are (in the background) Adriana Rojas Cardona (Inst. de Fisica de Sao Carlos) and Joe Mansury (PX Operator for the Brookhaven Biology Dept). In the foreground are Anna Larsson (Uppsala U.), Raj Rajashankar (Structural GenomiX, Inc.), one of the volunteer instructors for the course, and Michael Kennedy(Pacific Northwest Nat’l Lab).
RapiData 2002, the fourth in Brookhaven Nat’l Lab’s annual series of crash courses in crystallography, was once again a huge success. Forty-eight students from around the world participated from April 21 to 26. More formally titled 'Rapid Data Collection and Structure Solving at the NSLS: A Practical Course in Macromolecular X-Ray Diffraction Measurement,' the program was developed by BNL’s Biology and Nat’l Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS) departments to introduce students to the finest teachers, newest equipment, and latest techniques in the field of macromolecular x-ray crystallography. Four structures were solved during the course. This year, to amplify its Latin American Initiative, the US National Committee for Crystallography provided funds for partial travel scholarships to the course for six students, three from Brazil, two from Mexico, and one from Argentina. For more information about this year’s program, including the sources of funding, go to

Bob Sweet