Awards and Prizes

CrSJ 2008 Awards

[CrSJ logo]The General Assembly of the Crystallographic Society of Japan was held in Osaka, Japan during IUCr2008. At the Awards Ceremony, the Prize for Science in Crystallography went to M. Yashima (Tokyo Inst. of Technology) and the Young Crystallographer Awards went to M. Fujihashi (Kyoto U.) and J. Kondo (U. Louis Pasteur). At the general meeting, N. Yasuoka (Himeji Inst. of Technology), F. Iwasaki (U. of Electro-Communications), and M. Tanaka (Tohoku U.) became Honorary Members of our society.
[Yasuoki, Iwasaki, Tanaka] New honorary members of CrSJ: (left to right) N. Yasouka, F. Iwasaki and M. Tanaka.
[Fujihashi, Yashima, Takenaka, Kondo]Award winners: (left to right) M. Fujihashi, M. Yashima, A. Takenaka (President), and J. Kondo.