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Nine compounds containing high-nuclearity [CunX2n+2]2- (n = 4, 5 or 7; X = Cl or Br) quasi-planar oligomers

Acta Cryst. (2011). C67, m22-m34 (doi.org/10.1107/S0108270110049024)

[Copper oligomers]

These structures almost double the number of known high nuclearity, quasi-planar [CunX2n+2]2− oligomers. Included is the first fully halogenated pentacopper complex, (C6H7Cl)2Cu5Br12, now also the highest nuclearity oligomer with isolated stacking. All but one of the seven reported A2Cu4X10 structures are derived from the parent CuX2 layer structure in which organic monocation pairs replace [CunX2n−2]2+ fragments. Differences in oligomer stacking patterns in chemically similar di- and trimethylpyridinium salts illustrate the subtle interplay of competing forces present in these structures.

A. Kelley, S. Akkina, G. K. Devarapally, S. Nalla, D. Pasam, S. Madhabushi and M. R. Bond