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Regridding reconstruction algorithm for real-time tomographic imaging

J. Synchrotron Rad. (2012). 19, 1029-1037 (http://doi.org/jw6)

[Axial slice] 2D axial tomographic slice through a Ca-apatite human kidney stone.

A fast algorithm for tomographic reconstruction (gridrec) based on the Fourier method and an optimized regridding approach is presented. On CPU, it provides an up to 20-fold performance increase compared with filtered back-projection routines with negligible accuracy degradation. These characteristics make gridrec an invaluable tool for efficient online quality assessment and data evaluation during the emerging high-data-rates tomographic microscopy experiments, which guarantee sub-second temporal resolution and enable new science where dynamic processes can for the first time be captured in 3D through time.

F. Marone and M. Stampanoni