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ACA RefleXions, Spring 2013

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The spring 2013 issue of the ACA newsletter featured the lectures of Warren Award winner Paul Fenter and Etter Early Career awardee Emmanuel Skordalakes, and a historical essay by Marjorie Senechal describing her life in Science and Mathematics. There is also a review of a new book by Senechal, 'I died for Beauty, Dorothy Wrinch and the "Culture of Science”', a balanced picture of the accomplishments of the first woman to receive a doctorate of science degree from Oxford U.

The 2013 ACA awardees Tom Koetzle (Bau Neutron Diffraction), Tom Terwilliger (Trueblood Computational Chemistry) and Eric Ortlund (Etter Early Career) will present lectures at the meeting in Hawaii. Richard Dickerson, Frankuchen Awardee, will be unable to attend the meeting; Alex McPherson will give a retrospective on Dickerson's work.